About us

The MVS company

The MVS MVS company was incorporated in 1986 in Saint-Dié des Vosges (France). We have been developping solutions for dynamic data publication and prepress editorial workflow management in our historical area of expertise: press and catalog.

We naturally oriented our data processing and automatic layout solutions, initially dedicated to prepress, into new domains such as internet first, then mobile solutions for smartphones and digital tablets.

Our solutions rely on our mastery of the whole information flow: de MVS reposent sur une parfaite maîtrise de toute la chaine de l'information : acquisition, transmission, processing, structure, organization, storage, validation workflows, layout automation until the final output.

The SmartControl technology

combines MVS skills in the domain of data aquisition and processing on one side, and in mobile developpment on the other side, to build a system dedicated to home automation and connected objets.

technology has been designed to be adaptable to all situations:
  • all kinds of data sources: user input, database, analog or digital sensor (temperature, pressure, hygrometry, motion, speed, acceleration, contact, light, sound...)
  • all kinds of data processing: calibration, calculation, storage, filtering, statistic analysis...
  • all kinds of actions: alert, scenario based on measured values,...
  • all kinds of connected objects (roller shutters, cameras, sensors, management of scénarios & alerts), directly or through a home automation system).

The technology covers a wide range of needs, from personal home automation to complex industrial issues (quality, security, preventive maintenance...).

L'application i800

The i800 application is a simple use case of this technology applied to the IPX-800 relay card.

i800 allows you to trigger relays, check input or counter values, setup timers. i800 sets all features of your IPX under your fingertips on iOS or Android.


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